Up to 500 million plastic straws are used and discarded every single day in the US alone. These guys are trying to launch a fully edible, biodegradable version which, with a little help, may soon replace a whole lot of plastic waste.

January is National Hot Tea Month.  To celebrate, here are a few tips to green your brew from the Sierra Club.

You’ve got stuff you want to recycle but don’t know where to take it. Sedgwick County has set up a web page with where to go with everything from Aluminum Cans and Yard Waste to Ammunition and Hazardous Materials.

How do you care for yourself in the colder months without breaking the bank or harming the environment? Here’s a few ideas.

Turn on the tap and you have water. But do you know where it comes from and how much you actually use?

 Here are a few easy steps you can take toward greening your household products.

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Don’t be fooled by Trump admin’s national park shutdown ploy

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has instituted a vague plan to keep national parks open if there is a government shutdown, but without park rangers to supervise them. It doesn’t change the way he and the Trump administration have neglected our public lands.

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China Bans Ivory Sales to Save Elephants

China Bans Ivory Sales to Save Elephants


Adapted from post by Molly Bergen of EarthShare Member Conservation International.

Last year, China announced plans to phase out its domestic ivory market — a major development acknowledging the growing threat poaching poses to Africa’s dwindling elephant population, which has been cut in half in only 25 years.

On January 1, 2018, the ban finally went into effect. It’s a big step in the effort to stop poaching and save elephants. Anticipation of the ban has already had a positive impact, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council: the wholesale price of ivory in China has fallen by more than 50% in the last three years.

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How electric trucks could disrupt highway transport and save businesses billions

Tesla is among a number of auto manufacturers that see a robust, long-term market for zero-emission electric trucks.…
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5 steps that will make your business more climate resistant

Businesses that plan for a more disruptive climate future will ultimately differentiate themselves from those that don’t.…
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Oceans on the rebound? These 5 developments give us hope.

As 2017 draws to a close, we take stock of sustainable fishery successes that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.…
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Celebrity 1THING


Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and saves energy. Tell us how you recycle.

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1Thing Quick Tip

Water bills are going up! Save a little money by doing 1Thing!

Get a rain barrel. One inch of rain on an average roof will yield over 600 gallons of water. You can use that water for your garden, lawns, house plants, ponds and birdbaths. This 1Thing can save you green!

Get other water saving tips at SaveWichitaWater.com